Deleting a table from one of my pages

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    I am trying to delete a table which I have inserted into one of my pages and it won’t delete.. please advise – thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    What page are you referring to?


    The Home page….



    Hi there,

    When I go to your homepage, I am able to see the edit page, and where I would delete this table:

    Are you not able to delete the table if you highlight it with your cursor on the edit page and hit backspace or delete? If so, let me know, and I will look into it further for you!




    No – I cannot delete the table by highlighting it and pressing backspace or delete. Quite fustrating!!!

    Do you need my password to edit my home page??



    I do not need your password, no. Can you confirm that you want that “Timetable” table deleted?

    It looks like at least part of the problem is that the entire page looks like it was first configured in a Microsoft product, then pasted in. There’s a lot of junk code in the “text” view, and it may be hampering your ability to edit.


    The current timetable – please leave in… but as you mentioned there is alot of ‘junk’ in there at the moment which is reminents of some tables that I pasted in from word that I tried to delete… and all that I could delete was the text…. when I go into edit the tables are still there with no text… to the public view they manifest as a black line and then a faint but thick grey line below the sentence “^If you have purchased a Living Social Voucher you must book your first class.” and again as a faint but thick grey line below the current timetable. It’s these ‘blank’ tables which I’d like removed to tidy up the presentation of my home page….. Cheers, Simon



    Hi Simon,

    I understand what you mean now. I took care of this. In the future, you can do so by checking the text view (in the edit function), and removing any of the junk. But a better practice would be to compose your entries in the editor (or paste into the text view, at least). Pasting into the text view won’t bring in images, but you can add these through the media uploader, anyway.

    I hope that helps!

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