Deleting a url from my account

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    i want to delete the route my blog has to my domain (
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    i want to delete my URL from my wordpress



    I have canceled your domain mapping as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!



    The 404 (page not found) error message on the front page of your blog appeared because you deleted the placeholder Hello World post. As soon as you publish a post, not a page it will disappear.

    Sometimes we have bloggers posting here who purchase domain mapping and don’t wait for that to happen ie. it can take up to 72 hours for a domain name to propagate throughout the internet. They panic and want the domain mapping removed before it completes. Is that the case here or not?



    oops! sorry about the overlap



    No worries. :)


    No this is not the case, I had my WordPress mapped to my Domain ( for nearly a year but now I have deleted the mapping it’s still being overidden to wordpress. its a 123reg domain.



    I’d be glad to try to help, but I’m not sure what the problem is.

    Could you please explain a bit more what isn’t working the way you expect it to?

    There is no longer any domain mapping on the site

    I don’t see a site set up at

    Please let me know what you’re trying to do and I’ll be happy to investigate further.

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