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Deleting a WordPress account

  1. I don't use WordPress anymore. The clocklink authority says that putting clocklink clocks in wordpress blogs can't be used. In fact, how should I delete my WordPress account so I don't use WordPress anymore?

  2. hmmm, i dunno, i got to go to potions an delete it in the blog. also, i use a vox blog.

  3. While most people don't delete their accounts, just the posts that they no longer want up, that might be the best way to go. Once you delete your blog, that name can never be used again and if you change your is gone. It costs you nothing to keep the blog and is really a non issue for wordpress that you have a blog that you are not using right now.

    If you do want to delete you blog, the process can be started through your Admin => Options => Delete Blog. It requires a confirmation email, but if that is what you really want to do, that is your options.


  4. uh, no... sorry.

  5. in fact, does WordPress works on Internet Explorer or Firefox or Netscape ?

  6. All of those browser are compatible with wordpress.

  7. thewickedpinto

    I suck at this tctlocomotionride2004, but my old wordpress blog that had 1 post on it, timed out, and my lack of use deleted the viewable content. I don't know if it would be reborn if I give it new life, but the public viewing is gone.

  8. I'm lost here. What specificially is the question here now? Are you having an issue with deleteing the blog, the account, are you having an issue with a specific browser or what?

  9. fiery19brunette

    i don't think you can delete a wordpress account. i couldn't delete mine.

  10. Agreed but I'm trying to figure out what specificly the original poster is having an issue with.

  11. drmike what is that "not staff" avvie?

  12. Folks keep thinking I'm an employee here and it's become an issue for some of the actual employees.

    Care to answer our questions now? We trying to help you.

  13. Dude! Shut! Up! I don't have Xbox 360, I'm going to delete my WordPress blog PERMANENTLY after I abandon my Blogger blog, I tried to go to Blogger, but the old Blogger is obsolete, everyone upgraded to............

  14. ..............Blogger beta, and, I didn't update it, I got to use a spare computer and go to the Blogger site, logging in, then abandon my Blogger blog, and my WP blog gets DELETED!!!!

  15. @rctlocomotionride2004
    You have linked your username to a vox blog.
    You have provided a link to your "deleted" Blogger blog.

    We do not deal with Blogger accounts and questions here.
    We answer only questions about blogs.

    We cannot tell exactly that you need help with.
    (1) Please state what your blog's url is.
    (2) And then state what your question about that blog is.

  16. Moot. Just move on. If the poster can explain what the exact issue is, will be happy to help. He or she has been asked a couple of times now.

  17. SOS PLEASE ! There's a blog I've been added to as a member. I don't want to be one anymore. Is there a way to delete my membership from it? If that means to delete completely my account, how should I do it? And thank you very much, I'd appreciate a helpful answer :)

  18. The blog administrator has to do it. Email him/her and ask them to do it.

  19. I've got the same problem. I want to delete my account. It must be possible because everybody should protect his privacy. It's everybody's personal right. I don't want to be ranked in google or other search enginges with stuff I have written in the past!
    Somebody may use the same username or blogname that is not the problem:
    if somebody misuses my personality I can approach that legally! That should not be the problem of wordpress!!!
    I want to delete my account and my whole datas! WordPress can't decide on my personal will and privacy!

  20. (1) You can set your blog to keep search engines and readers that you do not designate out of your blog

  21. if you don't want information about you to be publicly available, do not use the most powerful communication tool in history to publish it.

  22. ok so is thsi topis resolved b/c i reeli wanna close this ACCOUNT!!!! its coo crap on here, i want to dlete it!

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