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deleting account not even a possibility

  1. I think the impossibility of cancelling an account is just the stupidiest strategy to keep users. I am fed up of loosing comments in wordpress blogs because I once thought I would migrate to WordPress and I didn't, but I can't go back. Do you want me to put a dead-end e-mail? You got it. I really don't see why people should be forced to stay with anyone. If I want to move to wordpress in the future, I can take that decission on my own. Cutting my degrees of freedom does certainly not help me being enthusiastic about the idea though.

  2. You're by no means alone in this opinion. However, the people who answer questions in this forum are mostly volunteers and we have absolutely NO control over how operates.

  3. Question:

    Do you want me to put a dead-end e-mail?

    If that's what you would like to do see here please >

    If you wish to leave, you can just leave your account inactive. To unsubscribe from any email notifications from, go to your subscription settings and check the box that says Block all subscription emails from See the subscriptions support page for more information about this.

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