Deleting Another User's Inactive Site

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    I know WordPress doesn’t delete sites sue to inactivity, but I have to ask about this anyway. It’s important to me.

    There is a site called It hasn’t ever been used or updated, just created back in 2006.

    It would mean a great deal to me if I could use the name outoftheblue. However, this 6-year inactive and unused blog is preventing me.

    Is it really not possible to delete it?

    The blog I need help with is


    I think I will contact them, and if they don’t reply, I will move on.



    Is it really not possible to delete it?

    That is correct – also note that once a blog is deleted the blog name is gone forever and can’t be used again

    Leave a comment on the blog and hope for the best

    You can get a custom domain name and map it to a blog here if you want – and yes that does cost about $ 18.– / year (registration and mapping)

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