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Deleting "Archives" and "Links"

  1. Hi there
    Does anyone know how I delete the "Archives" and "Links" (i.e the and links) in the left nav of my blog? Any advice would be great! Thanks much.

  2. What is the URL of your blog? You can customize what items you want in your sidebar by dropping and dragging widgets in your Admin => Presentation => Widgets.


  3. Hey there
    Sorry to be a moron - but how do I get to "Admin"? Also, is there a particular widget that I drag and drop? Thanks for the help!

  4. Trent actually means your dashboard, the dashboard is the index of the admin in which he is telling you to follow the links via the nav bar, he should of mentioned dashboard first.

  5. If you delete the and links, though, you might be in trouble with WordPress. I'm not 100% sure of it, but I seem to remember staff saying something about those being compulsory.

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