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    I have 3 blogs on my account and would like to delete 2 of them but I want to make sure I do not delete my primary blog. My dashboard seems to only take me to my primary blog. Can someone explain how to do this correctly? Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    Go up to the grey admin bar while logged in and select the name of the blogs you want to delete from the “my dashboards” pulldown. You can then delete that blog (make sure the name of the blog you want to delete is reflected at the upper left of the page).



    Ok, I think I see how to do this. Thank you. Just to confirm, deleting a blog from my account will not delete my account or affect my other blogs under the same account, correct?


    No it will not delete the account or affect the other blogs on the account.

    On thing I might suggest. If there is any chance you might want to use any of the blogs you are going to delete, once deleted you cannot get them back. They are gone forever. At “my blogs” you can actually hide them so that they won’t show up in your list under “my blogs”. You might want to consider that.

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