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Deleting Blogroll Categories?

  1. I have the Hemingway theme. I'd used the Blogroll, but I put too much categories. So the categories I don't use still show. How do I delete the categories I don't use at all? Thank you for your reply.

  2. The Blogroll is where you enter links and assign categories to them. It should also be noted that unless you change it "blogroll" is the default category. The way to edit categories is here -> Dashboard -> Manage -> Categories
    When Categories (add new) is before you look down and locate the category you want to delete and click the delete button.

  3. Thank You very much. I feel stupid. WordPress is very new to me, but it's best by far. Thank You again. One other question is while using Hemingway, I notice when I edit the bottom half, I removed "About Page" but when I try to put it on again, it's no longer there. How can I put this back on? Thanks in advance again.

  4. WOAH! Never apologize for asking questions here. I drove everyone crazy asking questions when I first came and that's how I now have some answers to give. To be honest I know very little about the Hemingway theme because I'm not attracted to it and because it lacks so many features I use. However, unless it's an oddball theme, you should be able to create as many pages as you wish using the following method contained in this FAQs thread
    As you are new I'd like to offer some other help too. This will introduce you to some basic wordpress resources. And this link is to reviews that tell you which features each theme does or does not have

  5. thanks again.

  6. You're welcome and happy blogging. You're gonna love wordpress - it's the best blogging technology the world over.

  7. Thanks for your very simple and straightforward answer to this question timethief - your instructions really helped me out.

    - Matt

  8. @doctorious
    {blushing} You're welcome and happy blogging. :)

    But if you experience problems do note that there are some troubles with blogrolls and categories that staff are attending to currently

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