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Deleting Comments in CSS Chunk Theme

  1. I'm trying to delete or not display the "Leave a Comment" & all other comment-related actions in the CSS of the Chunk Theme, & I feel I am missing something--is there any way I could have some insight on how to take out these pieces in the blog CSS?
    Blog url:

  2. In your CSS tab, you currently have this:

    #comments {
    margin:20px 0;

    It's almost correct, but the display:none is outside of the section, and can actually replace everything else in there. Try this instead:

    #comments {
  3. I tried that as you mentioned, & it is still showing up on the main site... not sure if I should do the same thing to all tabs that have #comments { .. or just that tab? any thoughts? thanks!

  4. It looks like you have multiple occurrences of sections where display:none is similarly outside, which may be breaking your stylesheet a bit.

    Try moving those all inside their designated sections (replacing the content within as above).

  5. Halleluiah, it worked!
    thanks for your help, you have no idea how long I've spent figuring this out.

  6. You're welcome!

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