Deleting Comments in “My Comments”

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    This may already be possible but due to my inexperience with wordpress I just don’t know. Please correct me if I’m wrong. I have a suggestion regarding the new 2.7 release, it would be really nice to be able to delete entries contained in the “my comments” section. Some threads I comment on become of no interest later or were simply one time comments. It gets bothersome to have to constantly scroll through those unwanted comments when looking for threads of more interest, especially if they are very active threads which go on and on forever. Thanks.



    You have to realise that when a new comment is posted, the thread goes right back to the top. Therefore there shouldn’t be any need to scroll down.

    However, the idea seems like a good one :)


    2.7 is in Beta 2 and once it entered Beta all features were frozen. Only bugs are being chased now.



    Let me get this straight: “My Comments” comments can NOT be deleted, ever?


    Not from the dashboard, no.

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