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    I would like to delete all the comments that have accumulated on my dashboard that I have already approved and are on my blog in comments. Can these be deleted or sent to trash from the dashboard so as not to clog things up with all the comments WITHOUT the comments vanishing from my blog posts?

    The blog I need help with is



    No, the act of deleting them removes them from your blog posts.


    Thank you for your quick reply jennifer! One more question? Aren’t all those comments going to clog up the works behind the scenes and take up valuable space. I want them out of there since they are already on my blog and I can, everybody can read them there.



    Again, no. Approved comments may take up space, but it doesn’t count against you and they don’t clog up the works. It’s really not a concern.

    Spam comments are automatically deleted after 2 weeks, however, you have the choice of reviewing them and deleting them sooner if you wish.


    Ok! Thank you so much. Clogging up the works and slowing down things was the issue for me. I did not know about spam comments so that is something learned today too. Thank you again for the help and the quick response. WordPress is new to me and I am just trying to figure it out. It is also a wonderful place to blog!



    As you are new to I can recommend a comprehensive tutorial. The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series: This is the link to all support documentation There you will find a searchbox that provides results form the documentation and from forum threads. if you cannot locate answers to your questions by searching then you can post to this support forum for help.

    This is the link to the blog promotion forum > and this will help you learn hoe to promote your blog withing the community >
    This is the link to the Off-Topic forum where you can discuss anything under the sun with other members >

    Best wishes with your blog. :)


    timethief, thank you so much! I will be clicking on the links you provided and saving them to favorites and utilizing them. Thank you also for the good wishes with my blog. I am incredibly happy with WordPress. It has jumpstarted my desire to take pictures again. Great place for picture takers :) A very nice community here.



    I’m glad to here you are happy here. I am too. :)



    You’re welcome and best wishes from me as well.


    Thank you justjennifer!

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