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    It states that I can cancel my domain after two business days by notifying y’all….but how do I notify you if you do not have a number?
    I would like to cancel a domain, how do I do that? (The information provided is vague and not entirely useful.)

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is


    Staff is currently out for meetings, but I’ve tagged this thread so they will see it and respond. They are monitoring the forums. It may be a few hours though.



    I have exactly the same question/problem. I’m new to WordPress and so far pretty good, but I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to notify you that I want to cancel the domain I created yesterday and almost wound up hitting my head against the wall.

    A few hours is no problem, but given the reputation that WordPress has I am surprised and disappointed by this.

    (If I am just a bonehead and I’ve overlooked some obvious/intuitive way to notify you then please let me know).


    The problem is that staff is in a big meetup so normal support channels are closed till the 19th. Again this thread has been tagged so that they will see it when they check into the forums. Given they are out of the “office” for a while, I don’t think they will hold solidly to the 2 days thing. And your requests are logged right here in the forums so they will know you requested a refund prior to the two days.

    Just be patient.



    @pfarqu1101 , @andreamurga what are the two domains in question?



    yeah, i’d like to cancel my domain upgrade (17$), done 2 days ago as well…for now.
    thanks in advance for helping out



    See the staff post, right above yours? They need the actual domain in question.



    oh, ok here we go.

    please keep me updated if all worked out well..well, i’ll see it if $’s are back on my pp-account, right?

    cheers and thanks in advance


    No, they need to domain name you registered.







    We can’t refund for the domain name you purchased on September 1st. Your cancellation/refund period had ended on September 3rd, unfortunately (which was before we started directing contact form visitors to the forums). You can still cancel the domain if you need to, but we are unable to refund. If you choose not to cancel, you can let it expired – you won’t get automatically charged for renewal in the future.

    I have fully refunded for the domain you purchased.

    Sorry about the inconvenience. Your payment has been fully refunded as well.

    Please note it may take 5 business days for the refund to show up on your credit card/PayPal account.



    I need deleted as well, I posted about this a few days ago, about an hour after I paid for the domain. Thanks for the help



    I have canceled your domain and fully refunded your purchase as requested.



    Mine is



    I would like to cancel it immediately please. Thank you for your help.



    Are you sure you want to cancel the domain?, because we are unable to refund. We are only able to offer a refund if we receive notification within 48 hours of the purchase. For full details, please see:



    I have been contacting you as well in another forum but received no response! i inadvertently subscribed for domain mapping and I need to cancel but there was no cancel button. I registered yesterday. Please someone can for us. It is causing a lot of issues for our blog.

    Please help and thank you in advance!!



    I just purchased my domain last night via the upgrade option. I wanted to delete it. How do I go about receiving a refund, since I am still within the 2-day grace period? I do not see an option for a cancellation. Please advise.



    I wanted to create a new domain as I did last night. Should I wait until the one I am using right now is deleted and refunded to me? Or should I create the new domain, knowing that this one will be deleted by a member of the support staff per my request?



    To clarify, I want my domain deleted please.

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