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Deleting Everything

  1. I signed up for a blog here because I wanted to compare to running WordPress on your own server. I personally like running wordpress on my own server and would like to delete not only my blog, but my entire wordpress account as well. Thanks.

  2. You can delete your blog via Dashboard -> Options -> Delete blog but, for security and privacy concerns, your account remains. That way no one reuses it under your name and your Akismet key continues to work.

    You may want to take a few minutes to consult the forum as this has come up a few times in the past.


  3. It doesn't seem to be letting me delete one of my blogs. I've gone through the delete process probably 6 times using both Firefox and IE. I've tried changing to another email address, also. It doesn't send the delete-confirmation email.

    EDIT: I also just noticed that it's not letting me edit my newer blog. When I try to add a post/page it goes by default to the older blog that I want to delete.

  4. mongoose, this is a matter for support and really can't be dealt with here in the forums. My suggestion is to send in an email to support at this domain from the original email address you signed up with and giving as much detail and specifics as possible.

    Chances are your email client is in HTML mode and it's modifing the links found within the delete conformation emails.

    Hope this helps,

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