Deleting Followers in Private Blog

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    I have read all the previous threads on this topic and none of them address my particular issue.

    I have a blog that has been Private since day one. I invited all users that I wanted to have access and they all set up following so they would be notified of new posts. Think of it as a club situation where members can join and then leave. When they are no longer “members” I remove them from being able to access the blog and receive notifications through the new Settings-Reading privacy settings. The issue lies in the fact that although they have been removed and can no longer log in or be notified they are still listed as Followers in the only Followers list I think is available. The one in the Statistics page under Followers (blog). It would be nice to have one of the following:

  • The list automatically reflects reality and removes anyone who no longer is actively following
    The ability to delete them from this list
    If this is a list of all followers throughout history and that is why they are listed, the addition of a “current followers” list.
  • Thank you

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