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    Is there a way to delete someone that is following your blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    No I’m sorry there isn’t aside from changing your blog visibility to private. However, you do have control over which comments are posted to your blog.
    You can control whether comments are automatically approved or if they need to be reviewed before they are published.
    You can add rules for comment moderation to control which comments get marked as pending.
    You can add rules to the comment blacklist section to automatically mark some comments as spam.


    I feel that having the ability to control who is following one’s blog, whether set to private, user selection or public is a great feature to have. We seem to be able to control most traffic, but the blog site for a user and their dashboard should have the ability to block, mark as spam, report, etc…as the site user deems fit. Is there a way this feature can be suggested? Thanks!


    How are you going to block someone?


    They just get a different email address from gmail or yahoo or and they are around your block. They may already have several.


    They just change it and they are around your block

    IP address?

    For me all I have to do to get a different IP address is to reboot my modem and I’ve gotten around your block. Since IP addresses are no longer unique, if you block an IP address, you can potentially be blocking hundreds of innocent users on that same IP address.

    Other ways to get around IP blocks are hitting a wi-fi hotspot somewhere or like I can, log onto three different neighbor’s wireless that are unsecured (three different IP addresses right at my fingertips).


    Uhmm…no question about the “how”. Thanks for clarifying. I’m not knowledgeable with that side of the tech, but I have the ability to suggest. It was worth a try…have a good one!

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