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    I understand that unless I purchase a space upgrade to continue adding photos to my posts, I’ll need to delete existing images, optimize them for the Web, then re-insert them into each post. YIKES!

    Obviously, I wouldn’t have this problem if I’d been optimizing them (72dpi, 1000px wide and 50-75k each) all along. (You learn something new every day.)

    I can’t imagine resizing and uploading photos for EACH of nearly 900 posts.

    Is there a “quick” way to optimize what’s already in my media library? Or, if I’ve used an image in multiple posts, does it delete from EVERY post if I delete the dupes?

    Thanks for any advice.

    The blog I need help with is



    No, no quick way to optimize what’s already in the Media Library. And if you delete the image, it will disappear from every post it is in.

    The 10GB space upgrade is 20 bucks a year (approx. three large frappuccinos or so) and from that point on you’ll be optimizing them for your posts, right? That 10GB will last you a really, really long time then.

    Alternatives are finding external image hosting that allow hotlinking of your images, like flickr, photobucket and the like and then inserting by Image URL.

    Hopefully someone else will come up with more suggestions.


    This is a big help. I appreciate your input. Thanks!



    I should also mention that when you upload a weighty image and then insert it in your posts or pages, reduces the size and weight of the image that’s inserted. But because you’ve uploaded it at right out of the camera size, that’s what counts against your space limit. Try JPEGmini (NAYY)


    Thanks for this. I’m learning a lot. (Shoulda’ known this three years ago! Duh.)

    I’ve just noticed that I have 18 “unattached” images in the media library. If I delete these, will that free up some space (until I buy the image upgrade and learn how to do this properly)?

    If the “unattached” images are dupes from some of the same images that ARE attached to posts, will they be deleted from the “attached” posts? Logic – my crazy logic – says that if they’re unattached, it won’t impact my existing post images.

    Oh me.



    Unattached means they don’t show in a post or page, but you could have used them for a header image or background or used in another place such as the sidebar.

    Eighteen images are hardly worth the anxiety. If there were 100 unattached images, then I’d say pass the scotch…


    Sigh. Thank you! I appreciate your time and help. Pass the scotch anyway…



    The Support site linked at the top of each forum page is really quite useful and the search engine there also returns relevant forum topics as well. Worthwhile getting familiar with it.




    Didn’t I already suggest in a different thread that you stop uploading full size and instead of deleting, just open a new blog and hotlink from that?


    In response to one of my questions Raincoaster?

    I don’t think so…. I searched the forum for “deleting images in the media library” and similar topics and didn’t find anything. I did find one closed discussion that wasn’t entirely relevant to my needs.

    I wouldn’t know how to hotlink to a new blog.

    YIKES! Didn’t mean to upset the apple cart…



    @rain, I saw that post after posting here and that was someone else. I added similar tags to this thread so when people search in the future, they’d find them both. :)

    @scottiechronicles-yes that’s also a possibility. I imagine that the site will need to be public for the hotlinking to work correctly, but I haven’t experimented yet.

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