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Deleting images from the image gallery

  1. Once you embed an image gallery in a post with multiple images can you delete images from the gallery without having to do delete the whole gallery and start over? Looked for an answer in support and forums, but can't find anything,

    Thanks for your help! My URL is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, but it also deletes it from the Media Library at the same time.

    To delete an image from the Gallery, open the Image Uploader Gallery tab, click on “Show” and then click on the “Delete” link that appears beneath the Description box. You’ll be asked again if you want to delete the image. Click “Continue”. The image is deleted not only from the Gallery, but also from your Media Library.

  3. Thanks, so much!

  4. Welcome!

  5. Oh- one more thing. Is there also an easy way to add an image to an existing gallery?


  6. Of course, simply upload it to the Post or Page of the existing Gallery and it will automatically be included.

  7. Sorry - I realize now that was a silly question to ask since it's addressed in your FAQs (which are great, by the way!).

    What I really wanted to ask is this: When you click on a thumbnail in the post, it will take you to an attachment page (assuming you have specified this when loading the gallery). Is there a way to put a link on the attachment page that will get you back to the main post? Panos made some suggestions at, but these do not seem to be working for me.

    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks again for your help!

  8. You can write the link in the description box for the image in the Media Library, but you write it as HTML.<a href="yourlinkhere">the link text</a>

    It would be helpful to know what theme you're using, especially since your blog is private. Just sayin'...

  9. And by the way, no "www" in blog URLs

  10. Thanks! The theme I'm using is K2-Lite.

    I tried your change, but it's still giving the same error message when I hit it. Any thoughts?

  11. I think if I stay logged into the website you can take a look (I'm testing it in the newest post). Let me know if that helps. Again, the url is


  12. @tdchuh

    Your link for "back to post" is
    not Back to post
    and so on.

    You need to fill in the precise link instead of "URL_OF_POST"
    and so on for the links below.

    Your link for "next image" is
    Your link to "previous image is

  13. Thank you so much! This works!

    I really appreciate your time!!

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