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    I need to delete and replace a .PDF file which contains a typo. Unfortunately, I deleted it while in Edit mode from inside the post that links to the file, rather than by navigating to the library via the Media tab on the sidebar and then clicking “Delete permanently.”

    The result is that the file is no longer accessible from my Media Library but somehow still shows up at it’s URL:

    The problem is that I want to retain the naming convention of the original media file, as other documents and posts link directly to the above URL. But when I try to re-upload the new version with the corrected typo, it will not allow me to overwrite the phantom original and reuse that URL.

    Instead it tries to rename the file 2010-01-211.pdf, 2010-01-211, etc. and the new URL becomes , etc.

    The blog I need help with is


    I get 404 the files been removed.

    It can take time for files to be removed from’s cache.



    I was less concerned about deleting the old file than I was about being able to retain its URL when I update it. The old file is gone; but does that mean its URL is permanently out of commission now?

    I want to still be able to publish the newest version of the file at:

    The file name “2010-01-21.pdf” reflects a specific date of a specific class meeting, January 21st. But when I try to upload the file “2010-01-21.pdf” , WordPress publishes it at:

    I would like to be able to update PDF files without the URL changing every time I upload a newer version of the same file. That would ensure that: (a) I don’t have to constantly modify paths and hyperlinks whenever I update a file, (b) uploaded files directly correspond to the URL names WordPress assigns to them, and (c) my users won’t become confused and frustrated by nonsensical file names that appear to be typos–i.e., “January 214th.”



    Despite the time that has passed, I would still welcome an answer or solution to this problem, if WordPress has one.



    I’m thinking that Volunteers are not in a position to assist with this. Have you considered contacting Staff?


    As you’ve found out, when you re-upload a file, it gets an extra number to distinguish it from the previous upload, in order to avoid mixups or accidental overwriting. When you delete a file, it remains in the servers long after that, so again it gets the extra number. Once I managed to get the same URL by uploading the file weeks after i had deleted the previous version. That’s all I know – I haven’t tried it recently, so I don’t know if something has changed.


    Yes, this wordpress behaviour is really annoying. The only solution i have is to put ‘version 1.00, check for updates’ in the top of the PDF. That also helps if people copy your PDF to their own site.

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