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    Can I delete an old archived comment—or my entire archive (for now)?

    The blog I need help with is


    You can delete any comment you want to delete.



    Thanks (again). And on a different topic… I am still tearing my hair out trying to organize the blog and images…

    I tried setting a static front page with a featured image, then adding “Chapters” for the subsequent posts.

    I then added a link within the home page (it is called “Index” but shows up as “Home” on the upper toolbar.

    I then wanted to add a caption to the featured image—which I was able to do for the static front page—but then that caption was inserted in the entirely different image on the first “chapter” post.

    Everyone has their gifts—and this stuff is NOT mine. (I also have a terrible sense of direction. I do WRITE well but also enjoy using photos to illustrate the blog—plus nobody will read a grey blog without photos).

    Bottom line—it seems to me that some of the editing tools referred to in various support forums are not configured as the forums indicate.

    The devil is in the details.

    Anyway, you are a saint to answer all these questions. Right now I am thinking of just turning on the distraction-free writing mode and writing before everything fades in my head. (I returned January 29—if it weren’t for the photos to jog my memory….)

    Nuff said. Your help as always vastly appreciated.

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