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    I’m trying to delete an old blog, from around 2010 that I created as part of my degree (with the username josephinedrania/ blog is at but have forgotten my password. I used my university email address to create it, and no longer have access to this (nor do the IT department at my university) to retrieve my password to log in and remove the blog. Any help on this would be appreciated.



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    @drania … unfortunately without the password or access to the email, there is no way for anyone to know if you are the true owner. I could make the same claims as you are making to get deleted the blog you want to keep. See the problem with that? The university is likely too big for everyone to know everyone, and so they have the same restrictions on restoring an email account.

    Next blog you keep, be sure to archive the email you get from WP that has the transaction ID number. That, or in the case of a personally owned email, never delete the email, and make all effort to never lose the password to that email (your critical access to all things you sign up for).

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