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    I have recently discovered that by going to a new “write post page” scrolling down and clicking on “browse all” I can find all the images I have ever uploaded into a blog. I have also been able to delete the images that I no longer want PROVIDED they were uploaded after the recent changes to the image uploader.
    I would like to be able to delete unwanted images (primarily for headers) that I uploaded PREVIOUS to the changes to the image uploader. There does not seem to be a “delete” option for those or am I missing somthing? How do I do that please?



    ‘Browse all’, left click on thumbnail,left click on ‘edit’ ( above and to the right of thumbnail ), click on ‘delete file ( below and to the right of thumbnail ). I’ve checked this on a number of old and newly uploaded photos. I have deleted some from both before and after the recent uploader changes. Even the avatar and header images have the option of being deleted.

    The problem that I experience is that only a small part of the top of the bottom row of photos on each page of photos shows up – insufficient to identify them.Taking the ‘editor’ box down to 5 lines ( in my simple mind this should give more room for photos ) but, doesn’t help any.



    Believe me I’ve looked and I can find no option to “delete” the old images uploaded prior to the image uploader upgrade.
    The others I can delete with no problem – there’s a delete option for them.

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