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deleting posts

  1. I want to delete some of my early posts and have piecemeal info from checking forum questions so I'd like to be sure of what I'm doing before I hit the delete button.

    When I delete a post via dashboard > manage posts, is a copy kept somewhere on WordPress?

    How can I keep a copy on my computer?


  2. NO copy is kept anywhere, except maybe in Google's cache, so even though you delete from your blog, it will still be on the Internet, presumably forever.

    A better suggestion is just to Unpublish them. This will turn them into drafts, and you can keep your post for later re-use.

  3. Thanks, unpublishing is an excellent idea and I will probably do that. But for my own info, is it possible to back posts up on my computer?

  4. You can export from Manage->Export in the Dashboard.

  5. @mtdewvirus
    That's correct, but that exports the whole blog, which is a bit overkill if you want to keep one post only.

  6. @wpvstp
    The latest question was "But for my own info, is it possible to back posts up on my computer?"

  7. Hmmm. Backing up the whole blog is probably not what I'm going to do, but that is the information that I asked for, so thanks again.

  8. If you use an offline editor, such as MS LiveWriter, you'll always have a backup of your post on your computer. Some people also like it because it is easy to insert images in a table.

    But, you wouldn't be able to back up your comments that way. Only with the full export.

  9. I never heard of an offline editor but now I will look into it. Thank you, justjennifer and other WordPressers, for being so smart and sharing it. I'm very grateful.

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