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deleting tags

  1. How do you delete tags?

  2. It's in your dashboard. Dashboard > Manage > Categories, and you can delete or edit any categories you've added. You'll have two default categories you can't delete, though; just change the name to something else instead.

  3. found it. Thanks

  4. My dashboard only has categories there, not tags. Is there any way to delete the tags? I deleted a post, but the tags it had are still listed in the tag cloud, even though no other posts use those tags.

  5. gttygrl - What's the url of your blog, please? The one linked to your name appears to be self-hosted and has no tag cloud at all.

  6. According to this FAQ, which goes into detail about the differences between tags and categories, to delete a tag all you have to do is open the post and delete the tags from it. Perhaps the tag cloud takes a little while to refresh itself? Or perhaps you need to clear cookies, temp files, cache, etc from your browser so that it sees the page fresh.

  7. Yes, the all sidebars are cached, so it may take up to an hour or so for it to update.

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