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    i know i can’t delete the site since i deleted it on my profile. but is there any way i can delete this site?
    I need to/ i must do it asap, i can not stress that i need to delete this site enough. It appears i can not, this is outrageous and totally unprofessional.

    Could i have done this before i deleted it from the profile? It is extremely frustrating. can i work with wordpress’s support people to get this site down?

    this is the site>

    thanks in advance for the reply


    sorry if i’m coming off as angry, its just the situation is frustrating.



    Dashboard or Stats page – left-hand menu – Tools – Delete Site. It’s not secret, or unprofessional, and you can find most things in that menu. If you look.



    Yes, you can contact WordPress support and get them to delete it. What you may want to do is just have them re-associate it with your username instead and then you can set it private and tinker till it’s to your liking.


    @ronsrealm yes, that is works if you want to cease to update/use the blog. But i made the error and went against what they said very clearly before “deleting” your site.

    “Do not delete a blog to ‘free the name’. That does not happen.”
    Thats what i did.

    @raincoaster thanks for the advice, i’ll do that!

    thank you both of you for replying


    I was reading up on this in the support section and…

    “Any visitors who visit the URL will see a message like the one below.”

    A picture that reads “The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available. You can create your….”

    as it is now, the site is fully functional. which is bad because i am not a part of this company and the manager has asked me to take down this site because he had made another one. i don’t care if the url stays there forever but i want the site to just have that message and essentially be blank.

    Will my site become that, or just have that message in time? If so that is very ideal.

    and sorry about the double post



    Like I said, contact staff. If they delete it, that’s the message people will see. That’s the message on deleted blogs.


    I took your advice, I have contacted WordPress via the support form. Though i did not get a response. I’m probably being impatient, it’s only been one day

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