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    I want my WordPress account deleted. I keep being bugged to to login when commenting on other blogs and I don’t want to have to login to a WordPress account I don’t use.

    Please delete me WordPress account.

    #1133789 accounts cannot be deleted. However, you can easily delete your blog.

    If you wish to leave, you can just leave your account inactive. To unsubscribe from any email notifications from, go to your subscription settings and check the box that says Block Emails and click save. See the subscriptions support page for more information about this.


    Yes, I had already read that thanks.

    I have never created a blog with my account. I just created an account to have a look around.

    The problem now is that I can’t comment on any WordPress blog without having to login to an account I don’t use.

    I should be able to delete any account I create anywhere from a personal privacy point of view.

    So, how do I delete a WordPress account?


    Why can’t I delete my account?

    I don’t understand?

    Why is not possible?

    This is the only service I know of that doesn’t let you delete your account?

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