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    This forum had a couple of threads featuring spirited discussions about the proposed change in the stats page. They seem to have been arbitrarily removed, so I thought it wise to open a new thread.

    I don’t like the proposed change because I don’t think it serves any purpose — the current system seems to work just fine and I have seen nothing that indicates there will be any improvement. The discussion raised different points of view and I must admit I was becoming persuaded that it was an okay thing, until suddenly the discussion was eliminated.

    I am perhaps more concerned with the arbitrary deletion of the discussions that were featured here. This comes only weeks after the supposed “open forum” people like Wikipedia, WordPress, etc. were in high dudgeon about proposed legislation. If the alternative is Soviet-like delisting of open discussion, I’d suggest the authorities have good reason to become involved.

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    Are you unable to click the Help link on the top right hand corner of your Admin page and share you feedback with Staff where it counts?

    Have you lost the ability to search forthreads? Here let me help you find a few to granstand in rather than taking your feedback to Staff:


    Consider this thread closed. I searched every way I know how and got no thread, but the links that timethief provided work.

    My bad.


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    Timethief has pointed the original poster to the still visible threads discussing the change in the stats here at there is no reason to talk about them being deleted by unknown powers.

    Those topics are still clearly open and available, so there is no need to carry on about why they have vanished. I’ll just close this thread…

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