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deletion of threads

  1. Not pleased. I posted a question about the next update of the interface from the po files and it got automatically closed and then deleted by some bot admin. What gives?

    The reason I was asking is because someone has leaked the news - we uploaded updated po files over the weekend to fix commonly seen strings and I was wondering when the next one is scheduled for. I really don't see why that got deleted as a question.

  2. this bot needs to be made somewhat more intelligent ... surely a lot of people ask l10n questions here which don't pertain to a specific blog?

  3. We Voluteers and Staff monitor these threads. I have located your other thread here . Specificallly, what are your questions?

  4. The other thread was started last week, I was referring to one I posted half an hour ago. Anyway.

    I was asking when the next push of translations from the po files to live was going to be because we're a new locale and trying to make sure people get nice, clean Gaelic on the screen. Which is why we were not telling anyone that it was a live language but someone spotted it and is spreading the news - so we're hoping there will be a push of translations soon to avoid criticism about some of the things we're fixing.

  5. I'll flag this thread so it's move to the Translations Forum for you.

  6. Yikes! I need another coffee. This thread is in the Translations Forum - sorry. :(

  7. Haha no worries, I'm a bit cross eyed myself today :)

  8. It's this one that got deleted.

  9. It was just caught as spam. I have rescued it from the depths of doom.

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