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Deletions from Library

  1. I have a post; on which I have eleven images - which separate the jokes. These all show up in my library and I'm wondering whether I can delete some of these (in the library) or whether, if I do, they will disappear from the post. Many thanks for the kind help that I know will be forthcoming!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do not delete them from your library!

    Are you running out of storage space? Or do you have another reason to get the idea of removing images from your library??

    WordPress works by storing your pictures / images / files in your library. You can re-use all of them over and over. And just like your local city library where you go to get books to read, keeps those files stored until they are called for. When someone reads a post of yours with a picture, the software goes to the library and pulls out that book (I mean, the picture / image / file) for them to use.

    If you toss out the items in your library, then they will not be available for you or your readers to use anymore.

  3. Thanks very much - that is what I thought.
    The only reason why I considered deletion, is to save me having to scroll-down past so many images when looking for a specific image to put in a new post. (Some of my 'regular' images are now way, way down the list and there's no way that I can remember their titles, so I have to scroll-down!)

  4. You can do the chore once, copy the File URLs of all the "regular" images and save them in a text file (along with short descriptions), then insert the images via URL in future posts.

  5. Ah!!

    So either make a draft post or page, or a file on your computer, with names and even include the pictures of those files you want to keep reusing. Then you can refer to your index (draft post or page, or text file) on those. When you want of re-use a picture, check your index for the file name so you can search your media library for it to insert into your post.

  6. @justpi
    LOL echo and harmony…
    and slow typing: me!

  7. ~~
    Slower typing but more options: I didn't think of the draft page solution!

  8. Do URL links differ from links to the wp library? I mean in terms of SEO. I wonder because the "description" part won't be visible to google et al with just a url link… or is that crazy to worry about?

  9. Sounds like a good idea. I'll give it a go. Thanks.

  10. All's well then. I'm making a new website for my job and must have that sort of index so I don't repeat pictures so it's also useful for pictures you repeat. Just to keep track of where your are…

    Best wishes

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