Delicacy Theme – Changing color, header, nav bar and sub menus

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    Hi, I’m trying to make a few minor changes to my site with delicacy theme.

    There are a few custom colors, however I’d like to change the red to a darker red. Is that possible? I’m not very familiar with the .css files, but if someone points me in the right direction, “replace this ” or “add this” – I’ve been able to fix everything myself so far.

    Here are a few things I’m trying to do:
    – Change the color theme to a darker red (#800000)
    – Change the font color of the sub menu
    – Create a sub-submenu – (there’s a submenu under tab “to promote you” and I have several pages set up with parent “inner circle” and also set up the custom menu for them to appear under “inner circle”, however they still don’t show up…
    – Remove the search field from the header and move it to the side bar
    – Remove the post/page title on the front page, as well as the page date and ‘comments off’ so that the video can move above the fold.

    Really appreciate your help!




    This support forum is for blogs hosted at — it looks like you’re on a self-hosted version of WordPress, in which case, you’ll have better luck over on the forums.

    You can read about the differences between and here.

    Good luck, and happy blogging!

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