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    Hi, I recently started blogging and I noticed that my main post page has this infinite scrolling/load more posts format. I really would like to have it back to the old numbered pages where you can click on the page number at the bottom of the post limit. I would like it to show up after 5 blog posts.

    Can anyone help me with the customized CSS for the Delicacy theme?

    Thank you very much in advance. :)

    The blog I need help with is


    Before making a change like that, may I please ask why you don’t like the new scrolling pages? We’d like to work to make that feature better if it needs improvement, and also modifying the infinite scroll update with a workaround is not guaranteed to continue working in the future so it’s preferable to keep the infinite scrolling if possible. Also, we’ve worked to make loading posts with scrolling faster and better for your readers. Any feedback you have would be much appreciated.



    @fraggrenade: WP changes things all the time, yet they never tell you don’t do such-and-such because it’s “not guaranteed to continue working in the future” except when we come up with workarounds they don’t like. To disable the Load More Posts tab and restore the Older/Newer links, add this in the CSS editor:

    #infinite-handle {

    display: none;

.infinite-scroll #nav-below {

    display: block;




    may I please ask why you don’t like the new scrolling pages?

    IS is junk when paging back in blogs – one of the blogs I follow has IS on it – then I tried to page back to see the old Posts eventually my browser loaded up and all the memory on my PC was sucked up – so I can’t see what the old posts are on their blog – IS has condemned all the old Posts to the trash bin as us mere mortals can’t reach the old material

    Just a junk way to do things that does not really work all that well

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