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    From what I gather our feeds cannot be substituted by feedburner feeds – So, is it possible to integrate ones delicious postings/feed with ones feed, as you can with feedburner?



    you can use feedburner, you just can’t redirect the wordpress feed to feedburner. so you could set up a feedburner feed, and tell all your readers that they should switch their subscription, otherwise they’ll be missing out.

    option 2: you can go to, and go to settings > daily blog posting, and ‘add a new thingy’

    most of the input fields are self explanatory, except ‘out_url’, which you should set to

    you can see an example of this on my blog.



    Thanks, I’d forgotten about that option!
    I don’t really want my delicious links to appear in a post on my blog, just in the feed. But oh well, this looks like the best option. Cheers.

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