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delicious links - where to put them (not blogroll)

  1. I'd like to create a private page in my blog, where I can organize links, that don't show up on the other pages, and use this for my startpage. I'd like to sort the links by category, and keep them in alphabetical order. Is this possible?

    If not, what would be a good theme to use for a private blog to organize my links as above? I want the links to be centrally located, instead of on the sidebar. Thanks for any ideas.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Another thing, adding and sorting additional links should be quick and easy.

  3. Well, from a reader perspective, that's going to kill enthusiasm for your blog, but you can do it. Create a page called Links. Don't put the Links widget in the sidebar, but add your Links to the Links on your dashboard. Most themes will autocreate the Links page, and then you can select it as your Start page.

  4. That will be great, thanks very much.

  5. Actually there are only a couple dozen themes here that have a "Links" page template. See the lower section of this post by Panos.

  6. Twenty actually.

  7. What's the difference between those and me creating a links page myself in Garland? Will I still be able to save and sort links the same way?

  8. Whoops I should have read the bottom line.

    Selecting this option will give you a page with a list of your links. If you have arranged your links in more than one link categories, they will show up that way in the links page too

    So with Garland I would not have category sorting? So I'll need to either change the theme, or make a new blog just for links? Thanks

  9. When you create it manually, you can do anything you want, but you have to update it by hand, and it has no connection with the Links in your dashboard.

  10. So I can add and save links just as quickly and easily by hand - don't need to change the theme, or make a new blog just for links.

    Okay thanks.

  11. You're welcome. The Links page feature is for people who already have a fully populated Links section and just want to post that to one place with a few clicks, rather than people who haven't gotten one yet.

  12. I've got about 2000 links on delicious, but will probably get rid of most of them.

  13. Be careful with Copy/Paste: make sure that you don't introduce code errors.

  14. I'm just going to import them.

  15. I tried to set this up in Garland and didn't get anywhere. I see no way to organize or categorize links, as suggested. I switched to Inove and the links are crammed in across the page, instead of in columns. It looks terrible. Maybe I would get used to this with more links. It looks like the category order can't be changed.

    My original question I'd like to sort the links by category, and keep them in alphabetical order. Is this possible? Since I was told above this can be done in Garland, then how is it done?
    1) importing 1000+ delicious links
    2) listing them alphabetically into various categories on the links page
    3) changing the category order

    Also, how do I make target blank — new window or tab the default.

  16. The Inove links page only allows 20 spaces for link names, and no spaces between them, so they are all crammed in.

  17. Okay I see each theme does the links page differently.

    I'd still like to do it with Garland if possible,

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