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    So I’m new to this game, kindly bear with me!

    On my featured slides, I have images.

    I would like to hint to readers what the images are about.

    So I would like them to
    1) Read text on my homepage.
    2) Click on the image to read more.
    3) Then go to the rest of the blog.

    Right now, that’s not happening. ALL of the text is on my homepage.

    So if you don’t mind going to my page, pls take a look at my “Summer Antidote of the Week.”

    The text reads:
    “Arizona? Satan called. He wants his weather back. Here’s a little slice of Italy to help you get through another scorching week. Hang tough, zonies.”

    I want the homepage only to have this text:
    “Arizona? Satan called. He wants his weather back.”
    Then the reader will click on the article to read the rest.

    Am I making sense? At all?

    IF so, I appreciate any help, I can’t even tell you!
    (And, if not, I don’t blame you for glossing right over this. Oy vey.)

    The blog I need help with is

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