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Delicious: Multiple colors for header buttons

  1. As of now, my header menu buttons are all white. When I hover over a particular button, it will go blue.
    How do I make each menu button a different color (pre-hovering)?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Each menu item is assigned a unique identifier. To find them, you can look in the page source. In the Delicious Magazine theme, you can change the menu hover colors like this:

    #menu-item-935 a:hover {
      background: tomato;
    #menu-item-936 a:hover {
      background: palegreen;
    #menu-item-1097 a:hover {
      background: aquamarine;
    #menu-item-1185 a:hover {
      background: peachpuff;
    #menu-item-938 a:hover {
      background: lavender;


    Note that if you change the menus, you may also need to adjust the identifiers like #menu-item-1234 to new number and you can look in the page source to find them if you make a change like that.

  3. Thank you so much for your help. This was my first foray into coding and CSS, and your assistance really helped me take a solid beginning step.

  4. Yay! Here's another tip: search for information about the developer tools available in your browser. In Firefox, you can get an add-on called Firebug. Those tools will help you browse through web page source html and see what CSS applies to the things you click on. They're super handy.

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