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  1. Dudes at WordPress

    I would dearly love to have a tag cloud on my blog. I just spent 3 hours bookmarking my bookmarks on so that I could do this. Then I find out that no text/javascript. BUMMER! Oh well I can always link to my page. But I would love to see this supported in the future. Thanks - love the site and my blog. Would Love it better WITH a tag cloud.

    The Rooster

  2. And I would like to have my blog stay in one piece. :)

    MySpace hacked thanks to JAVAscript via input issue
    MySpace hacked thanks to JAVAscript via XSS
    Google's Blogspot site hacked. Doesn't say how though.
    GMail gets hacked via JAVAscript

    Matt and crew have stated that JAVA script may be allowed in the near future once they figure out a safe method to do so.

  3. WoW... did not realise how bad it was. If it is a choice between blog and tag cloud I choose Blog. :) (One Piece is good...)

    The Rooster

  4. The good news though is that Matt and crew have stated that they do backups of everybody's site just in case. :)

  5. If we get past the safe scripting issues, a tag cloud for blinklist would be great too!

  6. So would the ability to use your own theme, plugins and 100 meg of hosting space to upload videos.

    All for free of course ;)

  7. You forgot Livejournal, hacked via JavaScript in January. That was a major mess involving widespread hijacking of innocent people's journals; the URLs of all free accounts had to be changed to fix it.

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