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Delicious tagroll (tag cloud) to WP blog

  1. How do I add a Delicious tagroll (tag cloud) to a WP blog? I get the delicious bookmark links, but I am not sure how to get the tag cloud? I, of course, don't want both. Can you help? Thanks!

  2. I'm not completely sure what you mean here. You have your bookmarks (or whatever they're called there) tagged, and now you want to list those tags in your blog's sidebar? There is no widget for that I think. You can put them in a Text widget though.

  3. You are correct, I want to list the tag cloud of bookmarks in the blog's sidebar. I saw a widget, but that jsut listed all of the b'marks. If I use a text widget as you mentioned, how would I do that? I am really new to all fo this. Thanks!!

  4. You can put HTML markup in a Text widget. To make a tag cloud, you would copy the relevant part from the HTML source of your tag cloud on and paste it into the Text widget. You'll probably have to edit it a bit of course to suit the sidebar layout.

    The result would be a static tag cloud though. The relative sizes of the tag names wouldn't change when you add more bookmarks with one tag for example. It is the closest you can get to a real tag cloud though. If you want something that updates automagically, you'll have to use the widget.

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