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  1. Hi I am trying to figure out if there's a way I can display a digg it or icon underneath all posts I do. Also, I am trying to figure out how to use the widget. I have gone into our account and drug the widget to my side bar, but nothing shows up.

    Please help if anyone knows :-)


  2. Okay, I figured out that you have to click on the page icon on the sidebar icon and put in the information and then it displays, but I am not sure of the benefit for doing this. If I click on the link it brings me to my account where you see my bookmarks. Is that useful cuz then people will bookmark my network or my posts?

    I guess my interest is to have people who are reading my posts my bosts and add them to their bookmark list and then have all the people that have those people in their network see the posts as well.

    Is this possible?


  3. I'm also interested in that, but don't see a way to do it. That's what I thought the sidebar widget was for, but when it didn't show up I deleted it.

    I have another WordPress blog,, but it's hosted off WordPress, and in that case the theme itself came with buttons on every post. It is probably a theme thing.

  4. Thanks for the responsen raincoster. How are you going about getting the button at the end of each of your posts? Just from the theme? What theme are you using?

  5. also, have the button at the end of every post helped your traffic increase? In short, is it worth it to try and get it at the end of each of our posts?

  6. I'm using Mesozoic 2.0 by Lasse Havelund, but it's not available in, only for off-hosted sites. The widget is in the theme. And I had to adapt the header, which says "" unless you go in and edit the image file.

    I can't really say we've had a raging snotload of referrals from, but I'm always in favour of tools that help people find other people who are talking about the subjects they're interested in. If it brings anyone at all, it's a good thing. It should be more common.

  7. request for whoever works on the widget:

    when you hover over a link on the delicious widget, could it display the 'notes' entry from my entry on delicious?

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