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  1. Hi All, I am not able to see my delicious widget. Anybody know whats going on? One entry said it was resolved but I am having a problem.

  2. historycommons

    I'm having the same problem. Probably theme-related. I'm using Rubric. Anyone?

  3. What is the blog's URL?

  4. criterionglobal

    I'm having this issue too: my URL is

    Also, does anyone know how to have a Delicious/Digg/Reddit/StumbleUpon button appear at the bottom of every blog post for people to bookmark? Can you have that at the bottom of each post, and not just on the sidebar?

  5. criterionglobal

    Hey: just a note if you're still having difficulty. I just added "Add This" into a text widget on the sidebar of my blog, which gives me a trackable way to see who is bookmarking my blog. Oh, and Delicious is one of the bookmarking tools available with Add This. Happy blogging!

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