Need help? Check out our Support site, then widget not working

  1. This is most likely because of the new redesign and some of the feeds may be down.

    Though, if nobody else mentioned this, a little technical attention would help a lot.

  2. Mine doesn't work either, and I do think its because of the new things going on over there a delicious. Im happy you noted this problem, I thought I was the only one with this problem

  3. I have this problem too. Since Delicious updated it's site, my widget does not show links to my top ten recent articles as it did before. Now it only has link to My Delicious site. This is aggrivating since I like having my list of articles on my blog. Help.

  4. mines not working either.

    You can use the put the rss feed from Delicious into a RSS wordpress widget.

  5. That's a good solution.

    I'm wondering if removing and then re-adding the widget would help? I haven't got an account there, so I can't test it.

  6. I tried to re add the widget it didnt work for me...

    you can also use RSS feeds for each delicious tag,

    which creates a new interesting feature:
    if your creative with your Delicious tags, you can now break your links up on your sidebar using several RSS widgets!

  7. Your delicious widget (and mine) seems alright now... thanks to the WP guys for the speedy fix! :)

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