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delicious widget not working

  1. since delicious made changes to its website my widget is not working anymore. it it only showing the link to my delicious page, but it's not showing the links in my blog as it used to. How can i solve this problem? Should i just give the delicious team sometime and they'll just fix it automatically? i take this is not only a problem i am having since other blogs that used to have the widget do not show links anymore.

    Thanks in advace

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Will you please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question?

  3. Are you referring to the RSS widget provided by here > Appearance > Widgets? If so then it cannot operate unless or until Delicious which has now changed hands provides a fully operational feed URL for you to place into the widget. See their support pages please.

  4. There is a Delicious widget offered by It's not working at present, although the Delicious engineers state they have fixed the bug on their end.

    My blog also uses the Delicious widget, but it's not functioning properly.

  5. @rdmizell
    Thank you so much for sharing that information.

  6. Thanks for the answers, i guess we should just wait and see what happens.

  7. I'm another one hoping for a solution :)

  8. bharatabharati

    Same problem here with the Delicious widget: no feed reaching WP blogs. I have informed both WP Support and Delicious Support. But there is no response.

  9. Thank you for the update - was getting kinda of cranky trying to get mine going

  10. Same problem.

  11. This looks like it works:
    Use an RSS widget and insert this as the feed url:

  12. bharatabharati

    The greater problem is that WP engineers have so far refused to help with the Delicious widget problem. Apparently they cannot come to an arrangement with Delicious engineers on the feed to the designated widget and it is the users who are suffering. The Delicious widget will probably be removed completely at one point.

    Archizoo, your RSS feed will work but not for those of us who have our Delicious account connected to more than one WP account. The advantage of the Delicious widget was that the links saved on a Delicious account could be sorted between the various different WP accounts.

    It is not fair at all to WP user members to keep them in the dark about the non-functioning of the Delicious widget.

  13. bharatabharati

    A WP engineer has just informed me that, "The Delicious widget is currently broken due to some changes in the URL structure on Delicious' end. We're aware of this and are working on finding a fix for it. Thanks for the patience and sorry for the delay."

    Thank you WP for finally informing us about the nature of the problem. We look forward to the fixing of the widget.

  14. Good to know that im not crazy. Was just setting up my Delicious widget today and was testing. Could not figure out what was going on as the RSS widget was working.

    My question is, other than filtering by tag, do I even need the Delicious specific widget?

    Not the best formatting but regular RSS could work.

    Test site

  15. bharatabharati

    The Delicious widget is not going to be fixed very soon if at all. WordPress and Delicious are blaming each other for not doing the needful. Users should forget the Delicious widget and make custom menus for their links instead instead.

  16. Yeah, I have a same problem...

  17. <quote>Users should forget the Delicious widget and make custom menus for their links instead instead.</quote>

    @bharatabharati, do you have an example of making custom menus for links?

  18. @johnlvs2run
    You can create a custom menu and include custom links in it. Here's a link to a custom menu walk-through in case you need it.

  19. @timethief
    Thank you very much. : )

  20. You're welcome. You custom link can be a link to your delicious profile page and that will resolve your issue.

  21. Actually delicious doesn't work for me anymore, so I'd like to create my own startpage of links, where I can add and sort links in a reasonable manner.

  22. You can create as many pages as you wish and also include them (or exclude) them from a custom menu. Some themes (very few) have Links Page templates.

  23. I took a different approach using the RSS widget and the feed from delicious. Look for

    It works but have not deployed on our clubs production site yet . Really want to have a specific RSS feed from my stacks but this does not seem to be supported.

    Any been there done thats with Delicious links on a WP page not just in widget area?


  24. Follow up to above. Basically I want to use Delicious to maintain my links in one place and do not want to use the ugly delicious user page nor stack page.

  25. Any been there done thats with Delicious links on a WP page not just in widget area?

    You can create a page and manually add links to it. RSS widgets and in fact all widgets on free hosted blogs cannot be used to autofill content into pages or posts. They can only be used in sidebar and footer areas designated for widgets.

    The reason for that is clear in you read the types of blogs allowed and not allowed page. The most commonly used tool of content thieving sploggers who scrape content from other blogs is what you describe.
    types of blogs - not allowed

    Scraper blogs: Blogs that take content from other blogs and re-publish it without permission (this is sometimes called scraping). If a blog contains stolen content, it’s gone ...
    Automated blogs: Blogs that are generated by computers, including randomly generated blogs, blogs that re-publish press releases, marketing material, search engine results, link dumps or any other mass-produced content.

  26. This is indeed unfortunate as what im asking is indeed legit and I am in full control of both sides blog and link source.

  27. There are over 25 million free hosted blogs so I'm glad we don't have this ability. If we did then this blogging platform would be inundated with sploggers and spammers and would soon resemble the blogspot (Blogger) blogging platform. You can hire a web host and move your content into a self-hosted install and install a plugin to do this but you can't do this on a free hosted blog.

  28. You can create as many pages as you wish and also include them (or exclude) them from a custom menu. Some themes (very few) have Links Page templates.

    If I understand this correctly, I could create a page for each subject, post links in comments to the page (and later arrange them); or perhaps there's no easy way to post new links to a page?

  29. It would be helpful to see pages that are being used to post links, and to endeavor to emulate them.

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