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Delicious Widget question

  1. I'm trying to use the Delicious sidebar widget, but at present all it does is have the title on it, with no links underneath. I imagined it would feature links to the sites I'd bookmarked on Delicious. Does anyone know how to configure it properly? I have set the widget to my delicious user page, and entered the relevant tag I want it to feed from. Do you have to enter your password in there somewhere?

  2. I'm not entirely sure on this widget precisely, but I have an RSS feed to a widget on my hosted blog and it does take a couple of hours after I change something in Delicious for the widget on my site to update.



  3. Nothing is needed just
    Your login name
    and number of links to be shown
    may be you have set it to 0
    I use it, it updates in just a moment


  4. The widget sees each tag listed as "and" (not "or".) Try just one tag and see if it works then. You might not have any links that have all of the tags you listed in the widget. HTH- abi

  5. You did notice this thread is almost a year old, didn't you?

  6. todayyesterdayandtomorrow

    Abbydon, that's someone we know, likely testing their avatar :)

  7. well i'll throw in my minacents on the topic despite its age..I made up my own thingy for the sidebar..I just used the icon, typed in text and linked both to my science bookmarks. I think it looks quite nice! :p

  8. Yep, noticed it was a year old...but I had the same problem and looked here for an answer. Others might look here someday-- hate for them to spend as much time as I did on such a simple problem! (I'm just trying to improve my internet karma...)

  9. I looked here. :) Thanks for keeping this thred alive and helping me out!

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