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    My works great if I don’t specify which tags (from are to be displayed in the sidebar. If I specify one tag it works fine.

    However, if I specify more than one tag (separated by a space), the delicious widget does not display any links even though there are links (in with those tags. I tried a couple of times but it doesn’t work.

    Has anyone else faced this problem or tried to use this feature? This is not critical but I thought I’d bring it to the attention of the WP guys.



    putting several tags (in one request) means to delicious to return only such bookmarks which has been tagged by all that tags specified.

    i.e. it is an “AND” query. and that is how the widget works now. it makes just one single query: tag1 + tag2 + tagN + ...

    to get bookmarks for all tags, it has to make _several_ queries for each tag listed in the widget control, what apparently it does not.

    I don’t know whether such logic is intended, though I beleive, it is just an error in the widget’s implementation because such behavior is obviously not expected and simply confusing users.

    so I’d filed a ‘feedback’ issue.


    Oh, I don’t think that should be the intended ‘feature’ but it does fit in with what I am encountering. Thanks for the info, I guess this will be taken care of by the (super) WP guys.

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