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    Hi, does anyone know if the blog can be delivered as link, instead of the HTML version in the email? It doesn’t line up correctly, and looks much better in the blog.

    I would like to give people a link as the only option… can’t figure out how!


    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t think that’s an option and doubt it will become one, as it would be extremely unpopular and pretty useless for readers.


    I don’t think one extra step would make it useless… but I understand why it wouldn’t be an option. If it’s not an option, they should really make a better way to format the email. Fonts and pictures are always in the wrong spots, making it hard to read.



    As yours is a photo-blog maybe sending out a brief teaser and link in your RSS feed so your readers click in an view the images on your blog is a viable option for you. You set your RSS feed to summary rather than full post here > Settings > Reading

    For each article in a feed, show
    __Full text



    I have a photo blog. I have tested that. It doesn’t work. Without a thumbnail, people don’t click.



    I am having the same problem and am very frustrated. After working to create a well formatted post, I would like to just have a link emailed. The email looks awful.

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