Demote Admin user – multiple usernames, same user

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    I created a blog under a new username (to be shared among several people) and then invited my private username. I intend to use my private/personal username as the Admin and thus need to demote the shared username from Administrator to at least editor, but have been unable to do so. Any advice on steps to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    I figured it out right after posting this question. For anyone else, here’s the answer:

    On the owner member’s global dashboard go to My Blogs (on the left column under Dashboard). Here you see a list of blogs that you own or are a member of – click transfer blog for the blog you wish to transfer ownership of. It will send out several email confirmations to make sure that you are not doing so errantly. Once the blog is properly transferred to the new owner, that new owner will then have to re-invite the previous owner/user at whatever level is deemed appropriate.

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