Deploy request for Persian

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    Please deploy the newly translated strings of Persian.

    Nearly a month ago, many useful information, including the number of translations remained until next deploy of each language, were added to THIS PAGE, but they were removed soon. What happened?

    The blog I need help with is



    Nothing happened that I know of, could you be more specific? Were you logged in?




    could you be more specific? Were you logged in?

    Yes I guess I was logged in and as I can remember, there were a few numbers in red, yellow and other colors in front of each language name.

    Dear Zé, can you please check deployment of Persian? It seems that it’s stopped working again.

    And one more question: Do I need to clear page cache to see changes?


    Persian was deployed and has the honor of being the first complete translation ever.

    And yes, you probably need to do a hard refresh (and possibly clear the cache) to see the changes

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