DePo Masthead, at home page, the 3 columns and widget area are messed up.

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    I used this beautiful theme for a while but lately this problem happen.
    At home page normally 3 content columns height are the same and follow by widget area at the bottom of the page, separately.
    But for now, the content area are messed up with the widget area. Please tell me how can I fix this.
    Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    In case I don’t explain the problem good enough, please visit my blog;


    This is typically due to missing or malformed formatting or HTML in your posts.

    Go to settings > writing and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then click “save changes.”

    Now, starting with your latest post, open it in the editor, switch from the visual tab to the HTML tab (waiting for the page to refresh) and then switch back to the visual tag (again waiting for it to refresh), and then click “update post.” Check your blog and if it is back to normal, you are golden. If not, open the next post and do the same thing till it goes back to normal.



    Hi thesacredpath,
    Thank you for your help but I did exactly what you tell me for about 20 posts back, the problem is not solved. I don’t know why. Do you have any suggestion I should do more?
    Thank you.


    The theme itself, in the PHP script files sets a maximum height for the posting area and you have exceeded that. You need to shorten your posts as DePo Masthead was never meant to have really long posts on the main page.

    It can be overridden but it would take some CSS experience and the CSS upgrade to do it.



    From your suggestion, I finally can find the way to fix this problem by shortening my posts. By the way, I found out that there still a problem if I use slideshow in all 3 columns even those posts are very short so, I use slideshow (and show it on home page) in only 2 columns and I make the third column longer than those 2 posts. I hide the slideshow of the third post and show it on permalink page instead, not on home page. This is the best I can do to fix this problem. Still don’t know the exact problem.
    Really appreciate your help. :D


    My suggestion would be to use the read more tag in your posts, and put anything that causes the blog to break, like slideshows, after the read more tag.

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