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    In order to more closely mimic newspaper style I would like the newest post to be at the top on the far right. The newest post is on the far left. Can I change this? How?

    Is there a better newspaper theme (free)?

    I am a complete neophyte so please make any instructions very clear.

    The blog I need help with is



    This theme is coded to display exactly as you describe. The most recent post is posted into the left hand column, the sencond most recent into the center column, and the third most recent into the third column. That cannot be changed as we cannot edit themes or templates at

    In the Themes Showcase there are filter features we can use to locate and live demo themes.


    Ummm, I’ve never seen a newspaper that had articles chronologically arranged right to left unless the language was right to left, and even then, everything in a newspaper is “current” date. They don’t typically have articles from different days in one edition, at least none I’m aware of.


    No, you are right about newspapers not displaying in chronological order. I think what I’m striving for is to get the far right column to carry the most recent entry and I guess that is not possible. Thanks for responding. I do appreciate it.



    I’m sorry that it isn’t possible. Best wishes with finding another theme. :)

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