Depo Masthead Issue: Can’t Change Tagline

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    Hi folks. For some reason, I am unable to change the tagline in my Depo Masthead blog. I’ve gone (many times) to Settings>General>Tagline>Save Changes. Just doesn’t work. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    I just checked and it works perfectly fine over here.
    Can you please clear out your browser’s cache and cookies and try again?.


    Depo Masthead doesn’t display the standard tagline. You need to go to Appearance > Theme Options and change the “Author Box Text”.


    Kardotim: Thanks much for the suggestion. For some reason, that didn’t work for me, but I very much appreciate you taking the time.

    Panaghiotisadam: That worked!! Wow. Can’t tell you the irritation this has caused me. lol. I shoulda come to the forums a long time ago. What a great relief!

    Thank you both!

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