DePo Masthead theme is missing pagination

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    If I set the option “display 10 posts per page” and a category has 15 posts, then clicking the link of the category leads to a list of 10 posts only without any “previous” or “next” links to navigate to the remaining 5 posts.

    Same thing for ARCHIVE. If I have more than 10 posts in the year, clicking ARCHIVE brings back a list of 10 posts only without the pagination links.


    I looked into the HTML code and found the div tags with class “previous” and “next” but these tags have no child tags.


    Is there anyway to fix this issue as this is so far the only wrinkle in what otherwise would be a great theme?

    Please do not merely suggest setting the option “display xxx posts per page” with a high count on xxx. Pagination feature is a crucial navigation feature of any blog.



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