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DePo Masthead Theme Launch

  1. Take a look at the new magazine style theme. Nice, clean, and a fresh new layout with many nice features.

  2. Very nice theme, but again I had to tell support about a theme with bugs. The list so far:
    1. The Next/ Previous post titles at the bottom overlap if your post titles are more than 3 words or so
    2. Captions are not in a gray box
    3. Category widget does not show hierarchy
    4. <H3> does not work

  3. Edit: Captions do work.

  4. As I said here, , hopefully like with Albeo the bugs will disappear quickly. I see this thread has been modlooked also.

  5. @TSP
    I just noticed the other thread, and I'll refrain from posting in both threads, but stick to this one, should I discover more oddities.

  6. Eh, not a problem. Albeo had several threads going as well. It's inevitable.

  7. Thanks for the reports! We'll make sure to get these to our designer and get things fixed as quick as we can.

    Making this topic Sticky for awhile.

  8. Thanks for being patient and so helpful! All of the issues mentioned have been fixed.

  9. will we be able to download this for hosted wp?

  10. Not a bad theme but a real magazine styled theme would be even better.

  11. @tactiguru - All themes are available from our svn repository.

    Note, we've listened to our user's requests and the theme is now widgetized in all three footer areas.

  12. was searching for a theme like that, really great thanks :)
    How can I download it?

  13. Look at Noel's response right above yours.

  14. Hi folks,

    I've downloaded the theme, and I get the following error when I use it.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function post_class() in /home/mmuzone/domains/ on line 26

    You may go to to see what I mean.

    Any ideas what went wrong? Did I install it wrongly?

  15. Since you are self-hosted and using the software downloaded from wordpress.ORG, you need to direct your question to http://wordpress.ORG/support/ . This forum is for users of WordPress.COM, the free hosting service, and it uses a modified multi-user version of the software which is different from what you are using and few, if any, here know anything about it. or The difference.

  16. pornstarbabylon

    1. The Next/ Previous post titles at the bottom overlap if your post titles are more than 3 words or so

    I couldn't even find it when I tested it out.

  17. @tuniqbal
    The theme is using some functions that aren't available in WP 2.6.2 yet, but will be available in WP 2.7.

  18. brandenburgerin

    i have just two little questions (one of them i already posted on the website -; sry for that, i didnt realized the note to the forum):

    is this right, that the widget “DePo Archives & Categories” shows only the first five categories? or is this a bug, which will be fixed?

    i also realized, that the archive function isnt working correctly. when i want to see achived entries, only the first 10 were shown. the other entries i cant reach, there is no "older entries"-button or such thing.

  19. caroleebennett

    this is insanely awesome. i chose it for my newest blog design without knowing it was so hot off the presses!

    one issue i have is that the comment form warns visitors not to leave bad comments b/c they'll be deleted. i prefer to give my own instructions to my visitors. is there any way to change this?

  20. @plokadotwitch
    You might be able to hide that with the paid CSS upgrade, but you cannot change what it says; that is set in the underlying theme files, which we do not have access to.

  21. Have been looking for this them to download from, and install on my own. I cannot find it. Can anyone inform me?

  22. This forum is for blogs hosted at wordpress.COM. You should ask your question over in the .ORG forums.

  23. i am using the DePo theme and can't see more than 10 of my posts...where are they? how can i see them?

  24. Can we have a link to your blog?

    In your dashboard under settings > reading, what do you have under "Blog pages show at most"?

  25. hey how to resize the wp_title on the header?

  26. No answer yet to mes56's question.

    I'm wondering the same thing. It's HUGE. It would be great if there was a built in way to change that size.

    If I get the CSS upgrade, can I change it then? And do I have to learn everything about CSS first (I know absolutely nothing now)?

  27. The page describing the launch says:

    "The header font changes size depending on the length of your blog title."

    That would be cool—if it worked. Which, evidently, it doesn't.

  28. Themes are VERY rarely changed because for as many users who would like things to be different there are just as many who would be upset by the change.

    If you had the CSS upgrade and knew how to use it, you could certainly change the size of the header. But you would need to learn the CSS - there's no staff help for it and very few forum volunteers who know enough to help. You can try it out using the free preview option before you decide whether or not to pay.

  29. rosclarke, thanks.

    It appears to me that the header is not working in the real world the way it was meant to.

  30. rosclarke, you—and others here who are more experienced than I:

    As I peer into the HTML of the Incredibly Unshrinking Header, it looks like the header's size is set in the HTML, rather than in the CSS.

    Am I correct on this?

    I need to know, because that is the major reason for investing in the CSS upgrade. As pretty as it may be, there's just too much wasted space before you get to the meat of the blog. And if I can't do something about that Header, I don't know that I can use this theme.

    Maybe it's time for TPTB to start working on DePo Masthead v2.0?

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